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Building Material and Construction Products Digital Marketing Strategy

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Whether you are a building materials and construction products manufacturing unit that exports their products worldwide or local supplier, the way you used to do marketing has been changed after COVID-19. Your sales and marketing executives would visit the customers or it would be event marketing. But, the focus has shifted more towards digital marketing. And so you need to change the marketing strategy. If you are a manufacturer, exporter or supplier of the following products, this article will help you build a successful marketing strategy for your building materials or construction products or brand that leads to more awareness and sales.

  1. Acrylic sheet
  2. Polycarbonate sheet
  3. Glass
  4. Engineered wood
  5. Cement
  6. Ceramics and tiles
  7. Sinks
  8. PVC and Steel Pipes
  9. Cables
  10. Wallpapers
  11. Lights
  12. Specific Chemicals
  13. Sustainable Materials
  14. Construction Equipment
  15. Ply and veneer
  16. Roofing contractors services
  17. Bricks and blocks
  18. Tools
  19. And more

You can build a brand, increase the brand awareness or sales of your products or services through digital marketing if you have set the right strategy and implemented it very well.

Wrong strategy can result in waste of time, money and efforts.


For the building materials and construction industry, following digital marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals.

1. Build a unique profile that's in line with your brand image and suits the industry you are serving:

The first thing you need to do is create a unique profile on digital space. As an industrial products manufacturer or supplier one needs to keep in mind the right target audience (i.e. builders, construction companies, and the suppliers and wholesalers of the products). For these kinds of products the right platforms to create a profile are websites, Google My Business, LinkedIn, YouTube and other industry specific sites like or


Your profile should mention the Call-to-action information like website, email or contact details from where the customers can order the product, get the quotation or get the more information.

2. Build a community:

Now, when you have good products and a profile ready, next thing to do is build a community and interact with them. It is very important that you present your products to the right people. And so you need the right community. You can use social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to build a community. Social media is all about being social, so make use of it. Connect with the people working in construction companies, builders, architects and interior designers and share ideas.

3. Make an activity calendar:

Before starting digital marketing, make a calendar of your activities to be done. Based on that you can create content later. Decide how many days to post on social media, upload products on eCommerce platforms and post blog articles on websites. It’s also important to decide how you will interact with the community and how much time you will spend on interacting.


Generally, one post on social media daily, one YouTube video and a blog post on a website weekly will be enough in starting. Then you can gradually increase the activities.


Your activity schedule also depends on budget. How much budget you have to create content, spend on ads and other costs will decide to schedule a calendar.

4. Create content:

It’s said that ‘Content is king’ in Digital Marketing. Apart from your product details, your content should contain helpful information for architects, construction workers and the people in the industry. Creating informative videos, infographics and documents can help them find your page and eventually it increases the awareness about your products or brands.


Wishing people on birthdays, holidays and creating events are also helpful in getting more awareness about brands.


The most important part in content creation is finding the right keywords.

Following are the most effective keywords for the building materials and construction industry.


building materials, construction equipment, building material supplier, glass building, glass material, glass supplier, etc.

5. Distribution of content:

To reach more and more people, you have to distribute the content to your target audience.


You can share your content in the groups, create a mailing list and email them or send them messages.

6. Analytics:

Analyse the activities you do through the tools like Google Analytics, Facebook and LinkedIn Insights, etc. There are many paid tools for detailed analytics but initially Google Analytics will be enough. GA is a free tool for analytics.

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