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Social Media Image Sizes 2020

We know how much social media is important for you as well as your brand. So, here we bring you the perfect sizes of images to post on all major social media platforms


Facebook Page Profile Picture

facebook page profile image - logo size 2020

Ideal minimum Facebook profile picture size should be 170 pixels x 170 pixels.

Also keep in mind that your square profile picture will be cropped to round one.

170 pixels x 170 pixels image size for your Facebook profile is ideal minimum size. You can also upload bigger images size like 320 px x 320 px in high resolution. Your mobile will show the profile picture size of 128px by 128px. The profile icon shown on the Top Bar or while commenting will be of 38 px x 38 px.

Facebook Page Cover Image

facebook cover image size 2020

Minimum size of your Facebook profile is recommended 820 pixels by 360 pixels. 640 px x 312 px is the safe zone that should cover important visuals or content.

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